3 Year Old Classroom

Three Year Old Classroom

The Three Year Old classroom is a fun and friendly learning environment, outfitted with plenty of toys, dolls, books other objects that are engaging and provide ample opportunities for early learning and development. The room is  designed with early education in mind. It is a print rich environment and set up in a manner which promotes learning and social development. ABC’ and I23′s are front and center, as well as other images which illustrate preschool concepts, like colors, shapes, the weather, animals, food and more.


Our Circle Time area is warm and inviting. Each day students will gather here for Circle Time and Story Time.  Here they will engage in learning preschool skills as well develop their listening and cooperation skills as a member of a classroom group.




During Center Time teachers work with small groups to teach art and learning activities. While teaches are working with small groups,students are free to explore and engage with their peers. They can read a book in the library, build a tower in the block area, play house and dress up in the dramatic play area, complete a puzzle and play with the variety of  classroom toys.