3 Year Old Curriculum

In the three year old class the following concepts and skills are taught in a fun and engaging way, utilizing directed teacher instruction as well as structured and unstructured play.

Math Skills

  • Identify Numbers 0-5
  • Count from 1-10
  • Identify colors
  • Sort objects by color
  • Identify shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, arch )

Language Arts

  • Reading readiness skills(turning pages, reading from left to right)
  • Identify the letters in own name
  • Introduction of literacy concepts through read aloud of children’s books, nursery rhymes, poetry, songs and finger plays
  • Word of the week
  • Exposure to  other languages including Spanish and French

Fine Motor

  • Introduction to cutting with scissors
  • Introduction to holding a crayon and then pencil
  • Beginning Writing Skills

Gross  Motor  Skills

  • Parachute Play
  • Bean Bag Play
  • Music and Movement
  • Throwing, catching and kicking a ball
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Hopping, jumping, skipping
  • Playing group physical activity games (soccer, volleyball etc)

Social Studies and Sciences

  • Daily and Seasonal Weather Observations
  • Community Helpers
  • Growth of plants and insects
  • Dinosaurs

Classroom Skills

  • Listening and following directions
  • Social Skills
  • Independence Skills


  • Utilization of various arts and crafts materials
  • Completing arts and crafts projects
  • Ability to express oneself using various art techniques


  • Dancing
  • Listening, clapping and marching to music
  • Playing instruments
  • Singing songs and finger plays

Special Days & Activities

  • Field Trips (Firehouse,My Gym)
  • Classroom Parties/Multicultural Celebrations
  • Lunch Bunch beginning in January
  • In House Visitors